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Enterprise Elite

Tailored for businesses aiming for the peak


Key Offerings:

Top-tier caption suggestions in seconds

Seamless integration with popular platforms

Comprehensive insights and performance metrics

Adaptations for regional language nuances

24/7 dedicated customer support

Advanced training for your team

Customizable brand voice settings

Priority feature updates

Caption history and archiving

Real-time engagement analysis

Collaboration tools for teams

In-app feedback mechanism

Personalized monthly reports

API access for custom integrations

Unlimited caption generation

Professional Plus

Perfect for growing brands aiming for high


Key Offerings:

Quick and effective caption suggestions

Easy integration with common tools

Detailed performance analytics

Support in 60+ languages

Priority customer support

Brand voice customization

Quarterly feature updates

Caption performance tracking

Team collaboration features

Weekly engagement insights

Batch caption generation

Feedback tools

Monthly performance summaries

API access upon request

20,000 caption generations per month

Business Starter

A solid foundation for businesses on the rise


Key Offerings:

Reliable caption suggestions

Integration with select platforms

Basic performance insights

Support in 30+ languages

Dedicated support channel

Set brand voice preferences

Bi-annual feature updates

Caption history for 6 months

Simple team sharing tools

Monthly engagement reports

Single-click caption generation

User feedback options

Quarterly performance overview

Access to online training resources

10,000 caption generations per month

What clients say about our pricing

“In an industry rife with overpriced solutions, IG Best Captions is a breath of fresh air. Their pricing is not only competitive but provides immense value. We shifted from a higher-priced competitor, and the ROI has been phenomenal.”

Jordan Kensington

CEO, Prism Designs

“I’ve explored multiple platforms in our quest for IG success, and I must say, the value offered by IG Best Captions’ pricing is unmatched. We’re getting top-tier features at a fraction of the cost of competitors. A win-win in every sense!”

Alexa Mitchell

Digital Marketing Lead, WaveFront Tech

“I was initially skeptical, given the competitive pricing of IG Best Captions. But having used it, I can vouch for its supremacy over pricier alternatives. It’s evident that they prioritize client success over mere profits.”

Liam Thompson

Brand Manager, UrbanWear Inc,

“Affordability paired with unparalleled features? That’s a rare combo. IG Best Captions delivers exactly that. Their pricing model is a testament to their commitment to clients, offering so much more than rivals at a better rate.”

Samantha Lawrence

Social Media Strategist, SkyReach Media

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