Teacher Pick Up Lines : You Can Try Top Pick Up Lines for Teacher

Are you a student who has a crush on your teacher but don’t know how to express it? Look no further! Here are the top pick up lines for teacher that are clever, funny, and will hopefully help you win over your crush. Remember to use these with caution and respect, and always keep it appropriate in a classroom setting. Happy flirting!

Teacher Pick Up Lines :

Teacher Pick Up Lines

1. “Are you a teacher? Because you just schooled me in love!”
2. “I must be in your class because I can’t stop staring at you.”
3. “Excuse me, Miss/Mr. Teacher, can you teach me how to love you?”
4. “You know what they say, those who teach love twice.”
5. “You must be a teacher because I’m already learning something new about you every day.”
6. “I bet your students are jealous of how lucky I am to be with someone as smart and beautiful as you.”
7. “I hope you have a teaching degree in love because you just stole my heart.”
8. “Are you a teacher? Because my heart feels like it’s been graded and you definitely earned an A+.”
9. “I’m not an F, but I’m failing at keeping my eyes off of you, Teacher.”
10. “I’d love to be your homework so you can grade me all night long.”
11. “I don’t need a lesson plan when I have you to guide me on the path of love.”
12. “Can I borrow your textbook because I need to study how to win your heart?”
13. “I must be in your class because I can’t seem to stop thinking about you.”
14. “You’re a teacher, right? Well, consider me your star pupil because I’m ready to learn everything you’ve got to teach.”
15. “If learning from you means I get more moments like this with you, then sign me up for a lifetime of studying.”
16. “Call me your student because I can’t get enough of your lessons in love.”
17. “I couldn’t concentrate in class because I was too busy fantasizing about you.”
18. “Don’t be surprised if I’m always at the front of the class, I just want to make sure I don’t miss a single thing you do or say.”
19. “I’d raise my hand to be with you, but I don’t need your permission to know that you’re the one for me.”
20. “Your syllabus says you’ll be teaching us about math, science, and literature, but can you add a lesson about falling in love with you?”

Funny Teacher Pick Up Lines :

Funny Teacher Pick Up Lines

Teacher pick up lines are a great way to break the ice, add humor, and make a lasting impression on your favorite educator. Whether you’re looking to charm your algebra teacher, woo your literature professor, or simply make your history teacher chuckle, these funny and creative pick up lines are sure to do the trick. So, get ready to impress your teacher and earn some extra credit with these hilarious and flirty lines!

1. “Are you a dictionary? Because you’re adding meaning to my life.”

2. “Excuse me, do you have a chalk allergy? Because you’re making my heart race.”

3. “Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.”

4. “You must be a great teacher because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.”

5. “If you were a math problem, you’d be multiplying my happiness.”

6. “Are you a school library? Because I can’t stop checking you out.”

7. “Excuse me, do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your beautiful eyes.”

8. “Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to call heaven to tell them I’ve found an angel.”

9. “If you were a book, I’d read you from cover to cover.”

10. “Hey beautiful, are you a spelling bee champion? Because you’re definitely spelling out L-O-V-E to me.”

11. “Is your dad an alien? Because your beauty is out of this world.”

12. “If I were a student, I’d want to be in your class every day.”

13. “I must be in detention because my heart is locked up and you’re the only one with the key.”

14. “Are you a gym teacher? Because you’ve got me running in circles around you.”

15. “I’d love to be your favorite subject, so you can study me all day long.”

16. “Do you know how to solve a problem like Maria? Because I’m over the moon for you.”

17. “Are you a history teacher? Because I feel like I’ve known you forever.”

18. “If I were a notebook, you would be my pencil, because without you, I’m nothing.”

19. “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together in my English class.”

20. “Do you have a degree in teaching? Because you’re making me want to learn everything.”

English Teacher Pick Up Lines :

English Teacher Pick Up Lines

1. “You must be a literary masterpiece because you leave me spellbound.”

2. “If I were a sentence, you’d be my subject because you’re the focus of my attention.”

3. “Excuse me, do you teach English? Because you have all the punctuation I’ve been looking for.”

4. “I hope I’m not airheaded, but I keep losing my words around you.”

5. “I think you’re the metaphorical light to my darkness.”

6. “I cannot help but notice your captivating words.”

7. “Hey, you must have written the Thesaurus because you’re just so brilliant with words.”

8. “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again with my thesaurus?”

9. “I hope it’s not too forward to say, but I find you to be an exemplary figure of speech.”

10. “Do you know what the word ‘charming’ means? Because you definitely embody it.”

11. “Is your name Edgar Allan Poe? Because your beauty’s got me surrounded by ‘The Raven’.”

12. “Your eyes must be a dictionary because they leave me speechless.”

13. “If love were a language, I’d be willing to learn it from you.”

14. “I think I memorized all my English Tenses except for the present tense, because with you, everything feels like a future dream.”

15. “I don’t always use similes, but when I do, I compare you to a goddess.”

16. “If you were a writer you’d be my favorite book because I can’t seem to put you down.”

17. “You’re like the best kind of prose: captivating, fascinating and leaves me eager to read more.”

18. “Are you an English lover? Because you stole my heart.”

19. “I must be under your spell because everything you say sounds poetic.”

20. “I’m always up for a debate, but the only thing controversial to me is how stunning you are.”

Math Teacher Pick Up Lines :

Math Teacher Pick Up Lines

Math teacher pick up lines are playful and humorous ways to break the ice with someone you’re interested in. These lines use clever mathematical puns and references to make the conversation lighthearted and entertaining. They are perfect if you want to show off your love for math and impress your crush at the same time. Whether you’re a math teacher or just a fan of the subject, these pick up lines can help you make a lasting impression on someone special.

1. “I must be a math problem because every time I try to solve for X, I think of you.”
2. “Hey girl, are you a right triangle? Because you make my heart race to 90 degrees.”
3. “Are you an angle? Because you’re acute-y stunning.”
4. “You must be a math teacher because you’re the solution to all my problems.”
5. “Wanna be my constant? Because you’re the only thing I want in my equation.”
6. “Hey baby, are you a rational number? Because you make me feel complete.”
7. “I need a lesson in love, can you teach me algebraic expressions?”
8. “Can I borrow a calculator? Because my love for you cannot be measured by hand.”
9. “Are you a math problem? Because I’d love to spend all night trying to solve you.”
10. “Hey gorgeous, I must have taken a wrong turn, because I’ve found myself lost in your eyes, and I need your help with direction to get back to reality.”
11. “Are you a quadratic equation? Because I can’t solve you, but I’d like to spend all of my time trying to.”
12. “Do you know what the slope-intercept form is? Because I’m trying to plot our future together.”
13. “I have a math teacher fantasy, and you’re the perfect subject to teach me.”
14. “I want to be the numerator in your fraction and never be divided.”
15. “Hey girl, is your name Pythagoras? Because you’re making me erect an isosceles triangle in my pants.”
16. “Can I integrate myself into your life?”
17. “You must be a math problem because I’m having trouble figuring out if you’re real or not.”
18. “If you were a math problem, you’d be a perfect 10/10.”
19. “Can I show you my formula for love and see if it works on you?”
20. “I’m trying to solve for love, can you be the solution to my equation?”


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