The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest is a beloved tradition that has entertained readers for years. Consistently, perusers from around the world present their intelligent, amusing, and frequently ridiculous subtitles with expectations of bringing home the sought-after championship of Inscription Challenge Victor. The opposition is wild, yet the humour and inventiveness of the passages make every one of us want more and more. In this article, we’ll explore 70 New Yorker Caption Contest captions that have stood out, organised into clusters based on themes and styles.

Cluster 1 Puns And Wordplay

1. At the point when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. At the point when life gives you a banana, wear it as a cap.

2. I told you not to text and fly!

3. Frank was always ahead of the curve, even on a hamster wheel.

Cluster 2 Social Commentary

4. The wheels of bureaucracy turn. Occasionally.

5. After the merger, our office parties became more corporate.

6. The city that never sleeps? It’s more like the city that never stops honking.

Cluster 3 Surreal And Absurd

7. I knew I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque!

8. I finally caught my shadow, but it won’t stop following me.

9. No, seriously, I swear it was a UFO!

Cluster 4 Clever Twists

10. They say attractiveness is an entirely subjective onlooker. However, this is absurd!

11. The timely riser might get the worm, yet the subsequent mouse gets the cheddar.

12. One man’s trash is another man’s home office.

Cluster 5 Pop Culture References

13. When you accidentally stumble into the Matrix.

14. The real ‘Game of Thrones’ begins at the grocery store.

15. Waldo is always hiding in plain sight.

Cluster 6 Everyday Observations

16. I knew I should’ve switched to decaf.

17. When your GPS says ‘Arrived at destination,’ but you haven’t.

18. The dog days of summer… literally.

Cluster 7 The Existential And Philosophical

19. what do they mean by ‘considering some fresh possibilities’?

20. If a tree falls in the timberland, and nobody’s near, does it utter a sound?

21. Life is just a series of catwalks.

Cluster 8 The Quirky And Playful

22. Who needs a carpool lane when you have a kangaroo?

23. Waldo’s cousin, Odlaw, could have been better at hiding.

24. You are what you eat, they said. So, I became a pretzel.


The New Yorker Caption Contest has provided us with endless amusement and a window into the boundless creativity of its readers. These 70 captions are just a glimpse of the wit and humour that have graced the pages of The New Yorker over the years. Whether punny, satirical, surreal, or profound, each caption reflects a unique perspective on life’s quirks and absurdities.

Thus, the following time you contemplate the significance of Another Yorker animation, recall that the response may very well be secret in one of these subtitle pearls. Furthermore, assuming that you’re feeling incredibly clever, why not take a shot at making your subtitle for the following challenge? Your humour makes it into the records of New Yorker history. Happy captioning!